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Editorial Guidelines

My Subscription Addiction provides honest reviews to help our readers discover, compare, and save on subscriptions best suited to their needs. Our team is dedicated to showcasing new brands and products in a genuine way to best serve as a trusted partner in readers’ online shopping experience.

Why Trust MSA?

We know you come to My Subscription Addiction to explore the world of subscriptions and our help is only useful if you can trust in our editorial process, so here's what we do to earn that trust.

Accuracy and Reliability

My Subscription Addiction provides honest reviews to help our readers discover, compare, and save on subscriptions best suited to their needs. And what do we mean by honest?

The Process

We only review boxes and products that are representative of a customer’s experience to ensure accurate and trustworthy reviews. To begin the review process, we create a new account with the subscription service through their site and follow the same process any new user would follow. We review the experience from sign up to delivery in addition to the products themselves. Whenever possible, we take high-quality photos of the real products we received in the condition they were received, so you can have realistic expectations for what you might get from your subscription.
Once a thorough review is conducted and written, the article follows a multi-stage editing and fact-checking process prior to publishing. Published content is also periodically fact-checked, reviewed, and updated to ensure the information provided is accurate, fair, and up to date.

In some cases, the subscription brand may offer the product to us for free for the purposes of review. If we have received a box or product free of charge, we will always mention it at the beginning of the review. We believe in transparency and strive to provide unbiased, impartial reviews and coverage.

We do this because our team is dedicated to showcasing new brands and products in a truthful and genuine way to best serve as a trusted partner in your online shopping experience.

The Experts

To make sure we only present you with the best subscription news, My Subscription Addiction works closely with qualified subscription experts who know the ins and outs of the subscription experience - things like what to expect in your box, how the value compares to cost, or what alternatives you have. We have been reviewing subscriptions for over 12 years so we know a thing or two about subscriptions, plus we try to read all the amazing reviews readers leave on the many brands in our directory.

You can ask our experts anything - we have a dedicated space on the homepage where our experts are featured and can respond to your questions directly!

Editorial Integrity

We work with sponsors in a limited capacity; the people from our team who work in this capacity do not write content on the site. Sponsors may request or pay for certain types of content to be created, such as a review or an announcement post, but any content written and the result of any review is entirely up to the writers, reviewers, and editorial team as described in the process above.

Every subscription or product featured on mysubscriptionaddiction.com is reviewed, tested, or approved by our editors fully independently from affiliate or sponsorship partners. We always put customers first and only provide information and recommendations in our content that we believe to be accurate, honest, and passes our editorial standards. The content of our reviews and recommendations is not driven by affiliate programs or partnerships.

Readers' Choice

Once a year, we conduct a survey of our readers over a variety of subscription categories to answer a simple question: what are the best subscription boxes? Thousands of readers respond to the survey so we know the results are a significant and reliable sample of our audience. We combine readers' picks with our editorial reviews, research, and industry knowledge to bring you the best advice to find the right subscription for you across dozens of categories. We will post multiple updates on the site and send out multiple emails to announce the start of the Readers' Choice survey. To be sure to hear when the next survey has begun, subscribe to our emails here.

The Directory

The Directory is the perfect place to discover and research subscriptions. Using filters you can explore subscriptions by categories, individuals, ratings, and price to find the right fit for your needs. We are always striving to have the most up-to-date information available to help surface the most relevant and exciting brands.

Also in case you were wondering, we'd also love to explain how our sort for recommended boxes is determined. It's based on three factors - the star rating submitted by users who have tried the brand, the total number of user reviews the brand has to demonstrate popularity, and the relevancy of the brand to each category it is in. We do not accept any form of compensation to influence the order in which brands appear. We encourage you to go leave reviews for all of your favorite brands to help other community members discover their new favorite subscription box!

The Directory Brand Pages

On these pages, you can find all kinds of helpful information about a brand and the subscriptions they offer. Most notably you can find any recent MSA reviews, news, spoilers, and coupons, as well as see all of the user reviews and photos for that brand to learn how it's star rating was created.

Key information like prices, shipping, and a basic description of the brand may be researched by MSA or supplied by the brand directly.

To ensure this information is representative of the subscription being reviewed, we verify that the brand supplying the information is real, the information provided is accurate, and that contact information is available to follow up with any questions or concerns. If we have verified this information, we may label the brand page with a Verified Badge and show the date on which the brand was last verified.

Affiliate Disclosure

My Subscription Addiction participates in affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through links on our site. This provides financial resources for us to continue to deliver on our mission to help our readers discover new and exciting products and services that deliver the best version of their lives.

We Welcome Your Feedback!

My Subscription Addiction aspires to deliver the very best experience every month, just like your favorite subscriptions. We hope to hear from you if there's anything we could be doing better.
If you have any questions or comments about the accuracy or helpfulness of our content or find an article that's out of date, you can easily let us know by contacting us at [email protected].