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My Subscription Addiction
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The Farmer’s Dog Review – High-Quality, Customizable Dog Food

Jeanne Sager
ByJeanne SagerFeb 13, 2023 | 29 comments
The Farmer's Dog Review - High-Quality, Customizable Dog Food

The Farmer's Dog

Freshly made human-grade dog food


  • The Farmer's Dog sends you pre-portioned packages that are labeled for each dog in the household.
  • All dog food is made from fresh, human-grade ingredients and arrives frozen.
  • The food doesn't have that "wet dog food" smell.
  • The delivery comes with a handy cold-safe bag so you can transport their meals to doggy daycare.
  • The food comes ready-to-serve (once defrosted), so there's no prep involved.
  • Packaging is all recyclable or compostable, including the food package.


  • The price can add up quickly for large or multiple dogs.
  • Food arrives in packages that cannot be resealed.

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

I'm not the least bit ashamed to say my three dogs are spoiled. They're members of my family, and I care about their wellbeing immensely, which is why I was curious about The Farmer's Dog and their customized dog food plans. You may have seen The Farmer's Dog commercial tug at the heartstrings of all who watched the 2023 Super Bowl. So, I had to find out for myself: would fresh food for each dog really make a difference?

All About The Farmer's Dog

How the Farmer's Dog Works

Log onto the website for The Farmer's Dog, and you'll be prompted to fill out a profile about your dog so The Farmer's Dog can customize meals for your pup. How much does your dog weigh? What kind of dog do you have? What's their name? Does your dog get any treats or food scraps? The list goes on because they want a lot of details that will help them build a recipe that fits your pooch with foods made from human-grade ingredients. And yet the quiz is fun with prompts like "she is/isn't spayed and weighs [fill in the blank with weight] lbs and is the cutest [fill in the blank with breed] ever" that make you smile. Because of course your dog is the cutest ever, right?

Their recipes were all created with the help of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, and they're frozen before shipping to stay fresh until you're ready to serve. As they put it on their site, "there really isn’t anything fancy or magical about what we’re trying to do: real, fresh food made convenient. It’s still dog food, just how it should be."

What are the Farmer's Dog Plans?

The Farmer's Dog fresh food delivery plans are based on the number of dogs you have and their nutritional needs — and the brand will make suggestions based on information you provide about your pets. You have the option to change your delivery preferences at any time to rush meals or delay them.

Also, the brand offers a DIY Nutrient Mix plan which features nutrients dog owners can add to their own home-made dog food.

the farmer's dog box with dog food inside and an insulated bag

How much does The Farmer's Dog Cost?

Fresh dog food subscriptions range from $2-$12/day and depend on your dog's needs and the frequency of deliveries.

DIY Nutrient Mix plans start at $1/week and include free shipping.

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Where does The Farmer's Dog ship to and how much does it cost?

Currently the company ships to the 48 contiguous United States for free.

What dog food "flavors" are available?

Once you've gone through the quiz process with each dog to let The Farmer's Dog know your pup's vital information, you'll get a chance to choose from the following recipe flavors:

  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Pork

My The Farmer's Dog Review

My three dogs all have different weights and needs. My mutt is a bit gassy (ahem). My coonhound is a senior dog who doesn't get as much exercise as he once did. And my corgi is just hitting a year, and absolutely full of energy. But that means mealtime can be a bit chaotic! So I was curious if The Farmer's Dog food would make feeding them each their own food a bit easier... and if the fresh food would make a difference over the other foods we've tried.

Unboxing My Order

The Farmer's Dog food arrives in a big cardboard box that's recyclable and covered in cute sayings like "long live dogs." Coming home to the box on my doorstep, I knew even from a distance that my dog food had arrived! Opening it up, I found it was well-packed with biodegradable insulation I could pop in my compost bin. Each package of dog food inside was frozen solid too — and every single one is labeled with each dog's name so even though they look pretty much identical, I immediately knew with dog got which food!

The farmer's dog box

Here's what I found inside:

Specially labeled packages of food for each of my three dogs

4/5 stars

The Farmer's Dog food package with label

The packages of food all come in biodegradable packaging (sustainability win!) with labels that tell you the name of the dog the food is for plus how much to feed them each day. I found the portions super easy to dole out too, with the portions set up based on standard measurements like one pack per day or half a pack per day, which I could mental math down for their breakfast and dinner.

You also get emails with video instructions that provide tips on how to best feed your pups using the packages of food. For example, The Farmer's Dog suggests cutting a package right down the middle if you're supposed to feed your dog one package per day (which was what I was instructed to do with my two older dogs), squeezing the food out like toothpaste into the dog's bowl.

My only complaint is a small one — because you're supposed to cut the packages up, things can get a bit messy, and you can't reseal the packages to prevent some leakage onto the fridge shelf. The Farmer's Dog suggests putting it inside another container for this, but that does mean another container to clean. Again, it's a small gripe.

An insulated bag

5/5 stars

The Farmer's Dog insulated bag

This zippered bag wasn't something I'd specifically ordered, so it was a really nice perk. I could see using this to take your dog's food on vacation or to doggie daycare. And it's plenty big enough to use for your own food at the grocery store to help keep cold food cold on the ride home!

Feeding plans for each dog

5/5 stars

the farmer's dog diet plan

Each dog got their own feeding guide that explained how to help transition their tummies from their current food to The Farmer's Dog to prevent any stomach issues, plus instructions on portioning!

What I Loved

The Food

When I say my dogs loved The Farmer's Dog food, I am not exaggerating. I found one had pushed her bowl up against the wall for leverage so she could lick at the bowl to get every single last morsel. That's dedication! Even my senior dog, who tends to each much slower in his old age and doesn't always finish his meals, has seemed to get more energy when it comes to eating. Not only does he finish everything in his bowl, but he's munching it down just as quickly as his sisters.

The Farmer's Dog Food

Although it's made from human grade ingredients, I wasn't about to try the dog food (sorry, I'm dedicated, but not THAT dedicated), but just examining it, it was immediately apparent what my dogs were eating. You can instantly see the pieces of broccoli and turkey, and the consistency was like a pate.

The Customization

Having packages in the fridge that are pre-labeled and pre-portioned for each dog is so incredibly easy, especially when someone else in the family is feeding the dogs. You don't have to remember which dog gets which amount or which package — it's conveniently written out for you!

The Smell

I hate the smell of most wet dog foods. It makes me gag. But The Farmer's Dog smells just like regular turkey that you might cook up yourself.

The Instructions

Between the plans included in the box and emails chock full of videos and tips, The Farmer's Dog definitely makes sure you know exactly how to pamper your pets and get the most out of feeding them. Their videos on how to dole out the food were extremely helpful!

The Sustainability

Nothing goes to waste with The Farmer's Dog. If it isn't eaten up by your pups, it's either recyclable (the cardboard box) or biodegradable (the insulation and food packaging).

What I Didn't Like

The Mess

Following The Farmer's Dog instructions to cut the packages in half was easy enough, but that left a package that had been cut in half... and no way to seal it up to prevent it from oozing out onto my fridge shelf. They suggested putting it in another container, which meant another container to clean. I realize this is likely to make the packaging more sustainable — after all, reusing my own containers is green! — but a zipper on their pouches made from the same biodegradable material would be nice.

The Price

This is the toughie for me. For all three of my dogs, The Farmer's Dog would cost me $24.46 per day if I were to continue on the plan — that's $171.21 a week. I don't even spend that much on groceries for my entire family of three. Digging deeper, I realized the big cost factor is my two bigger dogs because — surprise, surprise — they require more food each day to maintain their body weight. At 50 pounds and 70 pounds, they simply need more food. If I were buying for just my corgi, who requires half the food that one of her bigger siblings requires, it would be a lot easier to foot the bill.

The Farmer's dog foods in a bag

My Verdict - Is The Farmer's Dog Worth It?

Overall Appeal

4/5 stars

I was pretty blown away by this brand. I definitely loved seeing how much my dogs loved their food, and there's an inordinate amount of care and detail put into the whole The Farmer's Dog process that I appreciate as a dog owner and dog lover. From the sustainability factor to the simple fact that I could actually see the ingredients and know what my dogs were eating, I really liked this food.

Price and Value

3/5 stars

Depending on your dog, the prices of The Farmer's Dog varies pretty widely from as little as $2 a day to $12 a day. Add in multiple dogs, and things can get pricey. The Farmer's Dog seems to work best for a single dog or small dog — feeding my year-old corgi, for example, would come out to about $2.65 per day as compared to my two bigger dogs whose food would cost me around $11 each.

Compared to other wet food companies, the prices are comparable. But my older dogs' old kibble — Diamond Naturals — costs me about $37 on an auto-ship plan for a 40-pounds bag. That's just .88 cents a day and I can feed two dogs for that price.

Still, if your vet has recommended a wet food for health concerns, the value might bet higher for your family pooch — that's a call you should make with your vet's input.


5/5 stars

Not only does the food arrive on your doorstep already made and ready to be defrosted (or thrown in the freezer), but The Farmer's Dog goes out of its way with instructions to make sure you know exactly what you're doing and never run into a "huh" moment. The pre-portioning is especially easy, and the labels make things extra easy.

Read more about The Farmer's Dog here!

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The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food delivery service that provides the same quality of food for your dog as you would expect for yourself. It was created by two dog lovers who wanted to radically improve (a very stale) pet food industry. Now, dog people can subscribe to freshly-made dog food (co... read more.

Jeanne Sager
Jeanne Sager
Jeanne Sager has strung words together for The New York Times, The Atlantic, and more. A writer, photographer, and social media geek, she lives in upstate NY with her family and too many pets.

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Carol N. Foulds

The Farmer’s Dog Review, this article is very informative to me.

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sayeed afjol

Farmers Dog offers wholesome, personalized meals that cater to your furry friend’s health and happiness, making it a top choice for dog owners seeking premium nutrition

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The food here is very good and healthy

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Clearly a different sort of farmer than the ones I’ve known. Several hundred a month to feed dogs? I mean, the food looks great, but a more accurate name would be the Stockbroker’s Dog.

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I am confused. This was posted 7 months ago. Why was it reposted today as if it was new content? I read the post looking for an update or something and didn’t see anything. Is it just that Farmer’s Dog paid for a sponsorship for it to be reposted and the sponsorship was not disclosed or something? There has definitely been some weird things going on with MSA over the last several months. As a nearly daily reader for 5+ years, it disappoints me to see these kinds of changes.

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also curious! and also, maybe a dog blog or an account w/ some dog related business would be better?

Reply ButtonReply

Megan K.

Hey Chelsea! I just updated the general format of the review and thought a repost might be nice for readers who might have missed it before because it felt relevant for myself and my pups right now. Sorry for the confusion!

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Boxy Fox

I agree with Chelsea. What’s up?

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Great review, thank you Megan. My pups have passed on (still a bit too sad to bring another into our family yet) but I would be so into this if I still had to feed a much-loved pooch. I love that you are so concerned about their health and happiness!

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My pug currently eats Answers raw food and is obsessed with it. When I go to put it in his bowl, he literally whines and can barely sit still. This ends up being a little pricier than Answers but I am debating trying it.

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I hope you have a savings account for veterinary dental bills, because this stuff is going to rot your dogs’ teeth right out of their heads.

Reply ButtonReply


My dog has been on Rx wet (canned) food for years (he refuses to eat the dry). He has regular dental’s and his teeth haven’t ‘rotted’ out of his head. In fact, he just had one this week and no teeth needed to be extracted and none loose. I’d rather feed dry because its easier and more convenient but we haven’t had teeth issues due to wet food. Some breeds are more prone to tooth decay and dental issues though.

Reply ButtonReply


Yeah for sure, it just depends. I’ve had huge dogs (120 pounders) and they always had great teeth. I think the smaller breeds typicalLy have more problems.


Nyx, my Rottweiler who passed away in November, had to eat prescription wet food for years because of her IBD. Her teeth were fine.

Jet, My Rottweiler who passed away in 2012, ate dry food all her life and had to repeatedly get dental cleanings (and one extraction).

So, it’s not even the breed, in some cases, it’s just the dog.

Megan K.

Piper only has one left, so no worries!

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Jen Chan

LOVE this review, especially the captions for your dogs! I had three dogs, but am down to one lonely pug, so it’s easier for me to budget healthy “real” food for her. What I’ve been doing is mixing dry food with real food so that she has full nutrition, and she’s super happy.

Reply ButtonReply

Megan K.

We have a pug too, named Charlie. He has been having some reflux weirdness going on, so much to his dismay, he was excluded from this review. They are the best!!

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I would see if your library has copy of “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats”. It looks like at least 2 revised editions have come out since I last had a dog but it was a lifesaver back in the day when my dog used to get hot spots from fleas. You might find a recipe that you could supplement Tucker’s food that would still be easy to make but much more cost effective and maybe he would give that a paws up 🙂

Reply ButtonReply

Megan K.

I totally want to dive back into home made dog food, but sadly between school and subscriptions, I have zero time! I will totally see if I can get my hands on this book though, especially since my schedule becomes much less insane in June 🙂

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You could see if a friend or coworker who is interested in fresher food for their dog would be willing to prepare in bulk and you provide $ for ingredients and time. For example, we recently tested some fresh food sold at a local grocery store with my grandmother’s terrier mix and she loved it. We’re going to test Farmers starting later this week and if it works one of my grandmother’s caregivers has offered to add portions to fresh meals she makes for her dogs and bring them each week. We would just pay her for ingredients and time. Something like this might be a good solution to help with your larger dog to keep costs down.


I wish they had a Farmer’s Cat! I have 3 cats and would love to try something like this.

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Stay tuned for my review of Smalls in a couple of days, which is very similar but for cats.

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I have a 65 lb English Bulldog. At the recommended one pouch per day, the cost per month would be $360! I’m using the 2 week trial I received as a food topper for his usual dry food. It’s a great product and he loves but, but the pricing is obviously not realistic for most people with medium to large dogs. I made sure to cancel the auto ship as soon as I received the sample box.

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I had to spend $500 a month for Nyx’s prescription food for years (she was an 85-pound Rottweiler) but yeah, wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t absolutely necessary (it was the ONLY thing she could eat without having IBD-related issues).

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I have 3 GSDs ranging from 55 -90 pounds. I cook their food everyday, they eat fresh vegetables, cooked meats, rice for dinner. Meats include chicken breast, pork loin, angus burger, salmon, chicken and beef livers. They eat oatmeal cooked on the stove with ground turkey or beef, hard boiled eggs for breakfast. They do get treats from bark box and cookies from 3 dog bakery. But they do not eat dry or canned food. It cost less than $300 a month to feed 3 dogs. I put in their weight and info just to be curious how much this would cost, and it is almost $300 for the 2 girls and $400 for the boy, so a whopping $1000 a month!

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Exactly why I say this is not worth it. I feed my 90 lb dog much like you do and spend NOWHERE near what Farmers Dog costs. If you love your dog, you can easily provide them a good diet without breaking the bank. Farmer’s Dog is a total ripoff unless you are that lazy. But, if you’re that lazy, you probably don’t make a very good living, so Farmers Dog really shouldn’t even be an option.

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Wow, can you cook for me too 😉😂

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Megan, you could use the fresh food as a topper or partial mix in the dry food for your larger dog. I want to eventually make homemade food for my dogs but haven’t yet made the leap. This may be a good in between until I get there.

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Megan K.

I think this is where I am in my head. He absolutely loves it, and I want to give him the world of course!

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