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The 7 Best Plant Subscription Boxes in 2024

Is it even possible to witness a plant growing over time and not smile, or feel a sense of pride? We don't think so! The following plant subscriptions will transform your home, patio, or yard into a happier place. You'll find plant subscription boxes for plant people of all sorts—plant of the month clubs for gardeners, providing you with seeds and other outdoor planting supplies, as well as subscriptions brimming with succulents and other houseplants to help you bring some green indoors. You'll also get help growing your green thumb with low-light plants, new plant arrivals, pet-friendly plants, succulents, air plants, gardening tools, and plant care instructions.

The 5 Best Plant Subscription Boxes in 2024:

The 7 Best Plant Subscription Boxes in 2024

1. The Sill

Image of The Sill monthly garden subscription plants.

Image via The Sill.

The Cost: Easy-Care subscription is $55 per month. Pet-Friendly subscription is $58 per month. Orchid Subscription is $88 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: The Sill offers three subscription options, all of which require at least a 3-month commitment. The Easy Care subscription sends you a different 6" indoor easy-care plant each month that's perfect for new plant parents who don't know where to start or for houseplant pros looking to expand their greenery.

The Pet-Friendly subscription sends non-toxic, pet-safe 6" indoor plants so dog and cat owners can rejoice. And the Orchid Subscription sends beginner orchids (Phalaenopsis orchids) that measure between 20-28" tall from the soil line to the top of the foliage.

The Sill also has a unique selection of live indoor plants shipped in your choice of planter colors. Helpful selections include succulents, air plants, faux plants, new plant arrivals, best plants for low light, best plants for beginners, and best plants for pet owners.


  • Each plant comes in a chic ceramic planter
  • Choose from Easy-Care, Pet-Friendly, or Orchids
  • You'll receive an assortment of plants and planter styles


  • Must commit to at least a 3-month subscription
  • Have to pay extra for pet-friendly plants
  • Subscriptions do not auto-renew

Starting at $55.00
Get The Sill
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our The Sill reviews.


2. Horti

Houseplants from the Horti subscription.

Image via Horti.

The Cost: Starts at $28.00 per month, save with longer subscriptions. There's also a Rare Plant subscription that costs $450 for a 6-month subscription. Ships to the contiguous U.S. Orders in NYC are hand-delivered when possible, or you can pick up in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at a discount. Subscribe here!

About the box: Have you ever Googled "hard-to-kill plants?" Well, no need to hunt 'em down on your own—Horti sends low light and easy-to-care-for plants month after month!

As you gain experience with caring for your plants, they'll slowly introduce other beautiful (and perhaps more fickle) species to enjoy. If you're already an expert plant caretaker or want to be sure your new houseplants are pet-safe, there are options for you, too, at the same subscription cost!

Speaking of cost, if you're cool with your plants arriving in simple pots, this subscription costs $28.00 per month, or you can select fancier hand-painted ones for $32.00 - $36.00 per month. Occasionally Horti will forgo the monthly pot and send a different plant-related tool or accessory instead!

Oh, and if you live in NYC you can choose to pickup your order in person at a reduced price!


  • Choose to have your plants arrive in a decorated pot or on their own
  • Options for plants include new to planting, pet-friendly, and Horti's pick
  • NYC residents can pick up their order for a reduced price


  • No flowering plants available
  • There may be shipping delays in the winter

Starting at $28.00
Get Horti
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Horti reviews.


3. Succulents Box

Image via our review.

The Cost: Plans start at $5.70 per month for 1 succulent. Other options available for additional succulents and air plants. Ships to the U.S. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Whether you're embarking on your gardening journey or just want a low-maintenance plant, this subscription box is sure to do the trick. Succulents Box can help gardeners (and non-gardeners) develop their succulent collection at a very affordable price.

Each month, subscribers receive a new set of 2-inch plants, along with care instructions. As your garden grows, you can choose to skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

Choose to receive 1-4 succulents per month, 1 air plant per month, or 1 of each.


  • Choose to receive succulents, air plants, or both
  • Very affordable plant subscription box
  • All about low maintenance plants


  • Plants are tiny compared to other plant subscription boxes
  • Clay pot option costs a bit more

Starting at $5.70
Get Succulents Box
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Succulents Box reviews.


4. The Plant Club (now My Garden Box)

The Plant Club sends plants and plant related goods.

Image via The Plant Club.

The Cost: $50.00 per month. Save with longer subscriptions. Free shipping. Subscribe here!

About the Box: If you have a desire to learn more about the different types of houseplants out there, and how grow and nurture them, The Plant Club might be your next favorite subscription or gift idea. Each box arrives gift packaged with one featured houseplant and everything you need to assemble and display it beautifully in your home. The planters are always stylish additions to your home decor, and the plant care instructions are lovingly hand-illustrated. Looking for more options?

The Plant Club's entire family of plant box subscriptions also includes Succulents Monthly, for high-quality curated succulents, My Garden Box featuring creative and crafty garden collections, Air Plant Box which includes 3 amazing premium air plants, House Plant Box which features a beautiful and unique plant selection direct from the company's greenhouses, and Tikes Garden Box which contains everything kids need to assemble and grow little themed plant projects.


  • Multiple subscription boxes to choose from
  • Option for kids
  • Main box comes with simple plant care tips and properly portioned ingredients


  • A little more expensive than other plant subscriptions

Starting at $50.00
Get The Plant Club
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our The Plant Club reviews.


5. The House Plant Box

Image of the House Plant Box monthly plant subscription box.

Image via The House Plant Box.

The Cost: Starting at $15.99 for a small plant box, ranging up to $99.99 for 10" Large Indoor House Plant Box + free U.S. shipping. Subscribe here!

About the box: Healthy house plants comin' your way! The House Plant Box offers several options for the size and type of houseplant you have in mind. Your choices include the Succulent Box, Seed Box, Air Plant Box, Indoor House Plant Box, Cactus Box, Aquatic Box, and Pet-Friendly Box (all $15.99/month); Pre-Potted Terra Cotta Box (all $34.99/month); the Premium House Plant Box, Rare Plant Box, and Premium Pet-Friendly Box (all $44.99/month); and the 10" Large Indoor House Plant Box ($99.99/month). No matter your pick, you'll be sent a different leafy friend to enjoy each month, with info on how to care for it. Not happy with the condition of your plant when it arrived? This houseplant box offers a 30-day guarantee and will send a replacement. Pet-friendly plants are available for folks who want to up their greenery game with a furry fellow present.

Starting at $15.99
Get The House Plant Box
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our The House Plant Box reviews.


6. Urban Organic Gardener

Seeds and gardening supplies via the Urban Organic Gardener subscription.

Image via  The Urban Gardener.

The Cost: $20 per box. Save with a longer subscription. Ships to the U.S. for free. Subscribe here!

About the Box: The Urban Organic Gardener subscription is a fantastic source for high-quality seeds for small gardening spaces, whether that be your windowsill indoors, balcony, patio, or backyard. All seeds in the UOG subscription are non-GMO, heirloom, non-hybrid, OP (open-pollinated), raw, and untreated—woo!

Your seed selection is customized based on your experience, sunlight, location, and growing medium. You'll also receive plant care instructions and tips for starting seeds, plus some small gardening supplies.

This gardening subscription box is an awesome option for beginners as well as seasoned urban gardeners with an established green thumb. This plant subscription box includes up to 5 seed packets, 10 seed starter soil pods, 10 planting label makers, and more.


  • Several different subscription options
  • Lets you grow your own organic food all-year-round
  • Non-GMO, heirloom/non-hybrid, open-pollinated, always raw and untreated


  • Customer service is only available via email
  • Only seeds, not full-grown plants

Starting at $20.00
Get Urban Organic Gardener
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Urban Organic Gardener reviews.

7. Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios May 2019 plant subscription review open

Image from our review.

The Cost: $11.00 per month + $6.50 shipping. Subscribe here!

About the box: The Succulent Studios subscription is simple and straightforward: they send you two baby succulents per month to dote on with all you've got! Each succulent has been grown in Southern California using organic soil and fertilizers, and your duo is always sent in 2" biodegradable pots and an eco-friendly box.

You'll also be sent small, illustrated cards with instructions for care so you can ensure your new succulent babies succeed. Keep in mind that a Succulent Studios 3- or 6-month subscription makes the cutest gift for anyone who's a succ-a for succulents.


  • Affordable way to get succulents
  • Eco-friendly posts and box
  • 2 succulents per box


  • Shipping isn't free
  • Only one subscription box available

Starting at $11.00
Get Succulent Studio
Not ready to buy? Add it to your Or, if you want to learn more, check out all our Succulent Studios reviews.

Did You Discover Your New Favorite Plant Subscription Box?

That's it for our list of the best plant subscription services in 2023! Which plant subscription service sounds like the best fit for you? Let us know in the comments which plant subscription box will be greening up your windowsill, patio, or garden soon.

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This article is a bit outdated. I’ve been a Plant Club member for a year now and they have updated their pricing and some boxes plus they offer free shipping now! They also have the Garden Shop with a good variety of plants and small collections for those who may not be into subscriptions. Love it!

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Judith Jacobson

Thanks for letting us know about the free shipping, that has been updated. Prices have been double checked and are indeed accurate, though longer subscriptions do have lower monthly prices.

Reply ButtonReply


I have a subscription with SUCCY CRAFTS, they deliver 4 small succulents a month for total of $16 (s&h included). Plants are lovely, my mother adores them. Always different. Have subscribed since COVID started. Highly recommended.

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I like Lively Root’s subscription box. I got their pet-friendly one and it’s good. I don’t feel overwhelmed since it only delivers quarterly and I think the price is reasonable & includes shipping

Reply ButtonReply


We have been happy with The Plant Club. Only thing is that the first time I ordered in December it was $24.95/month. Then in January I did another order and now its $39/month! Definitely was worth the $25, but $39 is a bit steep. I do like that they give you everything you need.

Reply ButtonReply


They just went to adding shipping costs. So as of July, it’s $39 plus $4.95 shipping. Things cost what they cost, but I already felt stretched at $39…I might have to cancel.

Reply ButtonReply


I just got a subscription as a gift for the House Plant Box. It was a sweet gift, never had anything like this before, but I thought the plant size was pretty dinky for $15 (per month cost that the gift giver is paying). I did reach out to the HousePlantBox team and will update you if I hear back, but told them i thought it was small, the leaves were dirty, one stem broken off, and I didn’t think the “Umbrella Plant” was all that unique (maybe I shouldn’t expect unique, their website shows an ivy). In my opinion, a 4″ plant that is fairly common, in plastic pot (NOT in a planter pot) should be more like $10/month with subscription.

Reply ButtonReply


I just cancelled my subscription to The Sill. I’ve been a member for four months (April – July 2020). The two plants I’ve received so far (April’s and June’s) are thriving and healthy and arrived in good condition.

Here’s the issue: It’s August, and I’m still waiting for my plant that I was supposed to receive in MAY – we’re well over 60 days past due. I’ve had to send no less than six emails to follow up and manage the entire process of getting this plant shipped…. which is supposedly in transit right now from New Jersey, via USPS, and has been sitting in a box in New Jersey for the past four days now… and no sign of movement.

While I love the service, and the emails I’ve received from The Sill support team have been kind and full-hearted, I’ve lost complete faith in The Sill being able to deliver on the service they’re promising.

Each time I’ve emailed about this missing plant, there has been some item on backorder that they didn’t notice, or there was a major software change that prevented my monthly order from being sent, and another time, they didn’t see that when they tried to process the order manually, it didn’t go through. They didn’t see any of these issues on their own, as a part of their follow-up to ensure that clients actually get their plants. Without my tedious tracking and follow-up, I would never receive my plant from May (and I still haven’t received it). We’ll see if it’s alive when it arrives. After my last follow-up with them, where I literally begged them to send me the plant I paid for, one actually got sent (per the tracking number they emailed me), and they also refunded the money.

Anyway… I share this simply to encourage you to try some of the other services on this page, and maybe give The Sill a break. They seem to be completely overwhelmed, disorganized, and without a system to track and follow-up on missed, or undelivered orders. (How do you not have a system to check whether or not a customer’s order has shipped?) They seem unable to keep up with demand, and for $40 per month for one small plant (which I consider a fairly premium price, which I was happy to pay), I expect them to deliver consistently.

If you don’t have a river of money flowing through your wallet, and you enjoy actually receiving the plants you pay for, I’d recommend avoiding The Sill, and trying one of these other services first.

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Glad to see someone with a similar experience as mine. I signed up for a Sill membership a few months into the pandemic, and while I’ve been mostly happy with it, I just cancelled it.

Both of my last 2 orders arrived with broken pots, and previously I’ve had issues with plants taking a long time to arrive. The size of the plants vary wildly as well – for more than 40$ a month I’d expect plants of a somewhat decent size, but sometimes I would tiny ones. And once a plant died en route (they gave me a refund, but still).

Bit weird to see people still recommending them. They don’t seem like they’ve been able to handle what I assume is a boom in interest since the pandemic. But it’s been 9 months now, they’ve had time to adapt.

Gonna switch to some other plan. Hopefully something out there is comparable but more reliable.

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I’m on month two of Plant Club Monthly, they ship mid month but my August plant is happy and thriving, and the box shipped very quickly. Priority delivery took three days but the plant was well packed, with a lovely unglazed ceramic pot, soil appropriate for the plant, river stone topper, and a cork mat to set it on. For someone who lives in an apartment with no outdoor space, not having to have soil on hand for re potting is a huge advantage!
I recommend it. It seems a less popular option, as well as slightly less expensive than The Sill.

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From the information at the link given, it doesn’t seem like The Sill Plant Parent Club sends a plant each month. I thought $39 a year was too good to be true for that lol.

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Christen Russo

Oh, Milena, thank you for catching that & mentioning something. I was getting it confused with the classic The Sill subscription. I’ve updated the post accordingly. Thanks again!

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I really like house plant box. It’s 15 dollars per monthly for the normal small non pre potted box and they send some unusual plants. The sill was fine but a bit more pricey. Most of the plants are still alive and I’ve gotten a replacement free when they die.

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Ragan Buckley

Earlier this year I was thinking I might like a plant subscription for my office. But I’m kind of glad I didn’t go for it at the time because the last day I was there was March 13 and I doubt I’ll be back anytime soon. And there’s no good place for plants at home because the cats get into anything. Maybe in a year or two when it’s safe to go out again?

(On the plus side I’ve only worn pajamas and yoga pants since March and rarely shoes and no regular bras, just sports bras when I work out — at home, of course.)

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I have a plant from Horti that has actually made it for over a year! I was terrible with plants until this one. 😀

Reply ButtonReply

Christen Russo

Yay! What kind of pot did you go for?

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Succulents Monthly has been really cute. They send everything needed, and the planters are absolutely wonderful.

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There are two succulent options listed… which did you choose? Planter makes all the difference! <3

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Christen Russo

A nice planter makes all the difference!

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I’m gonna check out The Sill. Mountain Crest Gardens has a monthly box for succulents.

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