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Stitch Fix Reviews

Is Stitch Fix Right For You?

Updated January 31, 2024

Stitch Fix
3.5 overall rating
Starting at $20.00
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Stitch Fix Overview

About the Brand

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women, men, and kids too! You tell them all about your style and size preferences through their style quiz, and then they send you a package of carefully selected stylish goodies to try on at home. No two Fix shipments are alike and each one is hand-picked just for you. Keep what items you like, and return the rest in a pre-paid return mailer - no subscription required. The service fee is $20 a month for your stylist, but that fee goes towards any items you choose to keep as a discount. Stitch Fix also offers an expanded size range including plus, petites, and maternity.   Stitch Fix is so popular with MSA readers, they voted it onto every one of our fashion and clothing reader’s choice lists! It ranked #1 on best men’s clothing and style subscriptions, and near the top for best women’s fashion subscriptions and best kids clothing subscription boxes too.

Key Info

  • Price:$20.00 styling fee
  • Ships To:US and UK

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Stitch Fix


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Stitch Fix Works

When you first visit stitch fix, the first thing you do is take a style quiz. The quiz takes a few minutes but helps Stitch Fix learn what your preferences are so their style experts and algorithms can recommend more clothes you love and fewer clothes you aren’t interested in. Questions include things like shopping preferences, clothing style and type preferences, body proportions, and price ranges.

After completing an order, your first fix is then shipped. You can try on and see which clothes you want to keep, if any, and which clothes you want to return. There are no shipping charges for either deliveries or returns. You only pay for two things: $20 for the styling service, and the price of any clothes you choose to keep. The $20 styling service is applied as a discount towards any clothes you keep, too! If you do end up keeping your whole fix, then you’ll also receive a 25% discount towards the whole batch.

Stitch fix no longer requires a subscription, so you can get fixes shipped individually or on a recurring basis, and if you want clothes for multiple people including men, women, kids & more, you can specify different frequencies for each.

Example Stitch Fix Styles and Pricing Options

Pricing for Stitch Fix is always the same: $20 for every fix shipped as a styling fee, plus the cost of any clothes you keep, with the $20 styling fee applied as a direct discount towards the clothes. That means the minimum cost is always $20, with the maximum cost varying depending on the price of the clothes and what styles you receive.

Check out all of our Stitch Fix editorial reviews to see what styles our expert reviewers received in their fixes and what they cost.

Stitch Fix Pros and Cons


  • Quickly adapts to your style preferences
  • Styles are accessible to most people
  • Very convenient
  • High quality clothes
  • Tons of brands carried


  • Less affordable than bargain hunting in-store
  • Short 3-day return window if you don’t request an extension
  • When boxes do miss the mark, it can be frustrating or discouraging

What Else You Should Know About Stitch Fix


The three-day return period seems short, but you aren’t stuck with it - you can request an extension through your profile which can give you that extra time you need to decide if the clothes are really right for you.

One of the main strengths of Stitch Fix is their algorithm to find the right clothes for you from the thousands of options out there. To improve the usefulness of the algorithm, you can also play Stitch Fix’s “style shuffle”, a version of swiping left and right like Tinder but for clothes. By quickly sharing what you do or don’t like, the algorithm can become more refined faster than waiting weeks to learn about only the handful of pieces actually delivered.

You can also try sharing Pinterest boards full of images of clothes you like (or don’t like) to help your stylist pick the right clothes for you. That said, we’ve heard mixed results with this tactic since not all stylists are the same and some stylists rely more or less on the algorithmic suggestions as opposed to using your feedback (for better or for worse).

One more note on affordability - while Stitch Fix defaults to selling clothes at MSRP, if you do find an item cheaper within seven days of delivery then Stitch Fix has a price-matching policy. This only applies to sticker price, though, and doesn’t apply to sales.

Is Stitch Fix Worth It?


For most people looking to expand their wardrobe from the convenience of home, Stitch Fix is a great option that has a good chance of delivering you new pieces that fit your style.

If you are someone who loves the in-store experience, seeks more adventurous styles, or if you’re a bargain hunter who wants to look for the best deals, then Stitch Fix is probably not for you.

How Stitch Fix Compares to Other Top Styling Services


Stitch Fix VS Trunk Club: Both of these styling services try to match your preferences with clothes you’ll love, shipped to your door for you to try on and either keep or return. Stitch Fix tends to be a little more conservative in their style suggestions and more affordable. The $25 styling fee Trunk Club charges is only $5 more, but the price of each clothing item is usually much higher. With Trunk Club, however, you have the Nordstrom name behind it, which brings the in-store option and top tier customer service to go with the higher end items.

Stitch Fix VS Wantable: These styling services are very similar. They have the same $20 styling fee, but Wantable’s clothing options tend to be a little less expensive and catered towards more trendy styles. Stitch Fix carries far more brands and caters to more types of styles overall, however. Wantable only has a 20% discount if you keep 5 items, however they ship 7 items instead of only 5 so you have a better shot at the discount. Wantable also gives you five days to return compared to Stitch Fix’s three. Wantable has a “stream” where you can specifically request clothes or decline clothes, influencing what might show up in your next shipment. Wantable Fitness is a better option than Stitch Fix if you’re looking for activewear.

Stitch Fix Reviews

Stitch Fix News

Stitch Fix FAQ

What is Stitch Fix & how does it work?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service for women, men, and kids! For $20 per order—or “Fix”—a stylist will choose 5 clothing and accessory pieces to match the preferences you set, including your size/measurements, budget, and most importantly, your style.

You’ll get to try on your pieces in the comfort of home. Keep what you love and return the rest within three days. You’ll only be charged for what you keep. (Return what you don’t want for free!) Plus, the $20 fee for the “Fix” goes towards anything you choose to keep, and if you keep all five pieces, you’ll get 25% off, too!

Note that Stitch Fix isn’t necessarily a subscription service. You can request a Fix as a one-off whenever you need it. (This feature is especially handy when shopping for special occasions!) Or, you can set up recurring Fixes on a schedule that works for you. You can also stick with the same stylist, or change your stylist each time you request a Fix. We love how flexible this service is!

What sizes does Stitch Fix offer?

Stitch Fix currently offers a wide range of sizes for women, men, and children:

  • Women: 0-24W (XS-3X) including petite, plus, and maternity sizes
  • Men: XS-3XL, waist 28”-48”, inseam 28”-36”
  • Kids: 2T-14
How much does Stitch Fix cost?

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you’ll get to note what you’re comfortable spending on different types of pieces (such as tops, bottoms, jackets, coats, shoes, etc.). The Stitch Fix FAQ page says that women’s and men’s items tend to range between $25-$500 and kids’ items start at $10. Communicate your needs to your stylist, and they’ll do their best to accommodate!

And remember—with Stitch Fix, the only amount you pay up front is the $20 styling fee that they require for each “Fix” you order. Beyond that, you’re only charged for what you decide to keep.

What kinds of styles & brands does Stitch Fix offer?

While trend-savvy, contemporary looks are their specialty, we’ve seen Stitch Fix stylists accommodate out-of-the-ordinary aesthetics, too. (Think retro silhouettes or outfits with edgier vibes.) Stitch Fix draws from a pool of hundreds of different brands, both well-known and up-and-coming, so they can easily match you with styles and prices that fit your needs.

We’ve found that the key to getting the type of looks you want from Stitch Fix is to communicate, communicate, communicate! Thoughtfully fill out your style survey and send along extra notes or insights to your stylist if you’d like. We highly recommend creating a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration that you can share with your stylist. It’s a great way to visually convey what kinds of clothes catch your eye.

Is Stitch Fix a subscription?
It’s up to you! Request a “Fix” as a one-off (a great move if you’re trying the service for the first time, or if you’re shopping for a special occasion), or sign up for their automatic deliveries program. Automatic deliveries can arrive as frequently as every 2 weeks or as infrequently as once per season. Pick a plan that works for your needs!
How long do you have to return items from your Stitch Fix box?
You have three days by default to return unwanted items before being automatically charged. However, you can log in and request an extension to give you a couple more weeks to try on your clothes and decide if they're right for you.
Can I skip a Stitch Fix automated delivery?
Yep! Just hop into your account and choose to “Skip this Fix”. You won’t be charged, nor will you receive a package until your next scheduled Fix.
How do I change/cancel my Stitch Fix automated deliveries?
Sign in and choose “Manage Automatic Fixes” on your homepage. From there, you can cancel your automatic delivery schedule and cancel your next upcoming shipment. Know that this will only cancel the automatic deliveries for that account. If you have multiple accounts (for yourself, your kids, etc.), you’ll need to cancel each one individually!
Where and how does Stitch Fix ship?

Stitch Fix only serves the US right now, though they’re looking to expand to the UK in 2019!

Fixes arrive via USPS. Shipping and returns are free!

Do you get advance notice of what the cost will be?
You should receive an invoice detailing the cost of each item once your Fix ships. You can preview your fix by going to Stitch Fix’s order review page.

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

3.5 overall rating

Subscriber Reviews

3 reviews
"Great quality clothes"
Dec 4, 2023
Love the clothes quality. Love my stylist. They always seem to get a good fit. Would definitely recommend 10/10
2 reviews
Oct 19, 2020
I’ve used this for myself and my 18month old! I LOVE the quality of the clothes and the ease of shopping without the hassle!!!!
Jordan Stewart
Jordan Stewart
3 reviews
Jun 19, 2020
I've been using stitch fix for years now and I love it!
1st Time Poster!
Jan 18, 2020
I have been with Stitch Fix for over a year. I really love almost everything they send me. Sometimes there may be one item I'm not crazy about. But with the discount it is cheaper to keep all the items. Overall I think it's great. Especially since I don't like going shopping.
1st Time Poster!
Jun 28, 2018
I've been a subscriber for about 8 months. My stylist nails it just about every time. I'm a busy, working, single mom who just doesn't have time to shop for myself and if I did I'd live in work out clothes, jeans and tshirts. I absolutely hate to shop and try things on in the fitting room. My stylist has taken me out of my comfort zone and constantly sends me things I wouldn't look twice at in the stores, but fall in love with when I try them on. I usually extend my check out date as soon as I receive my fix to give me time to really try on my items and honestly judge whether I hate, just like or love the items. Just about every time I wear a Stitch Fix outfit I get compliments. It makes me feel put together and trendy.
2 reviews
Nov 13, 2016
So far I've only got two boxes, the first one, I had the wrong sizes for sure picked out for myself, so most was sent back. But the second was a HIT! I updated my captions on my Pinterest "Stitch Fix" Board and my stylist even sent me a piece from my board! I was very pleased with the second box and look forward to my next one. They even send personalized letters with each box, it's pretty cool! Everyone should try this, especially if you hate shopping at the mall and don't know what really looks good anways.
Mar 10, 2016
My stylist did a great job, but I didn't keep any of the clothes. I'm fine with spending a few hundred dollars on name brand items, but i've never heard of these brands before. They should really expand their sizes and brands, and because of their limited selection I have cancelled my subscription.
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin
45 reviews
Mar 5, 2016
I have been subscribing to Stitch Fix for 3 months now (my third shipment is due this week). So far, I have been really pleased with the items they have sent to me and I have purchased 2 or 3 pieces from each box. I provide very detailed information as to my preferences, including adding a Stitch Fix board on my Pinterest account. Plus, after each shipment, I give my stylist specific information on how the pieces fit and what I liked or disliked about them. The clothing is good quality and quite stylish, but only comes in standard sizes, so this service is not an option for plus-sized customers. Stitch Fix offers good brands French Connection, Lucky, Tart, Sanctuary, Skies Are Blue, DKNY, etc., so the clothing is not cheap. I have found the prices to be reasonable overall, but I requested that most of the items be under $100 to accommodate my budget. If you are looking for a bargain shopping service, this is not it.
MaKendra Cantrell
MaKendra Cantrell
4 reviews
Jan 22, 2016
I just received my first fix and I kept the whole box!! If you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount, which adds up! I was surprised with the quality of the items also! Amazing! And I now have a new fav cardi & pair of teal green skinnies! It's well worth the money to me.
Mrs Otis Frimp
Mrs Otis Frimp
5 reviews
Jan 3, 2021
The best...I don't always get a good fit (I'm really tall and long limbed) and bigger clothes seem to be for short people. Yes you can be tall and plus sized. But I love the items I've gotten more than any other clothes and found some brands I absolutely love like Liverpool and Kut From the Kloth as well as Skies are Blue. I also discovered some amazing brands of earrings Marlyn Schiff, Nakamol, Bancroft, Kendra Scott. It takes a while to figure out what works for you and the stylist you have may be replaced by another as they have a fairly fluid staff. Likewise, items can be in short supply in inventory ESPECIALLY larger sizes. Some things are overpriced: if you look around you will find same item often half the price or less so it pays to search before you decide to keep. The shop where you can buy between "fixes" (subscription mailing) has a rotating supply of items that often go out of stock but can fill in your choices very well. I'm far better dressed than I have been in a long time and I enjoy looking pulled together even though most of what I buy is casual. Customer service is FANTASTIC. If you have an item that is poor quality and fails to wear well in a short time, they will make good on it. You cannot ask for better than that.

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Stitch Fix
3.5 overall rating
Starting at $20.00
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